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This deviation was deleted

Overall I find this photo very beautiful. The model gazes at you with a come hither intent with a siren like appeal. Her eyes have a very deep impact with the viewer and it is noticeable right away. I think extra care was taken to focus in on the eyes so that other parts of the photo while obvious were going to stand out, and were not going to be the main focus.
The makeup job is very soft, and not overly done. It is still very sexy, and still showcases all of her features very well. Her hair looks like it has been frosted with something, I am torn if I like the look or not. I am not sure if it is supposed to be shampoo, or some artistic device to go along with the milk idea. However, I still like the look no matter the artistic intent because the color works with the rest of the photo.
The model by twisting her torso and exposing the sides of both her breasts creates a wonderful shape against the upper half of the photo. The small moisture droplets on her breasts add subtle texture to an other wise smooth composition. The contour of her waist is wonderful as well, it appears corseted in partially submerged milk. This allows the milk to create a wonderful negative space that amplifies her already generous form. The lighting in the picture is soft and the colors milky much like the idea of the picture.
Normally I would want to say something like the artist did not use a dark to balance out his dark element on top of his picture I.E the hair in this case but I think the artist used the model assets. He uses her curves more precisely what some call the "s" curve to lead the viewers eye down to the bottom of the picture. Starting at her head through her breast curved through her waist and ending at her hip. Its a great idea. Overall Great job.
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soullsurfer Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student Photographer
What can I say? Thanks more than a lot for u're awesome critique for this artwork . The 1st time i posted this photo I've manipulated it in Photoshop CS5 but after 1 month I changed it to the natural look cause I think it looks better. Thank you again and have a wonderful week. Peace !!! :headbang:
lstnlmbo75 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
no problem
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